Yellow Fever

A CalArts Festival Theater Production
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Venue 13
August, 2014

Vincent languishes in his yellow room until he meets his muse, Siena.  She has something that Vincent desires, something he desperately needs. Using the camera as a tool for exploration, Vincent and Siena fight through love.  Art, music and one man looking for answers fuel this dynamic and daring new multi-media drama with live guitar and song, created in a cross-continent collaboration between LA experimental theater director Allison M Keating and London playwright, Simon Parker.  Obsession, paint, petals, despair and desire clash, colors bleed in a beautiful, poignant and painful meditation on the agony and ecstasy of being human.

Written by Simon Parker
Directed by Allison M Keating
Performed by James Moorhead and Megan Lewicki
and Michael Bates as the voice of Vincent Van Gogh
Music Composition by Jeronimo Rajchenberg
Video Design by Masha Tatarintseva
Set Design by Nina Caussa Rius
Costume Design by Stephanie Petagno
Lighting Design by Jesse Baldridge
Sound Design by Pin-Hua Chen
Animation by Ilana J Kirschbaum
Stage Management by Baily Johnson

Producer Jon Gottlieb
Production Managers Ewa Czerniawska and Tzipora Reman