too little, too much

A CalArts School of Theater Production
March 2014,  Walt Disney Modular Theater


WALD is a passionate and challenging devised multimedia performance installation created by Allison M Keating inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel & Gretel.  Framed in a poetic landscape using exaggeration and hyperbole, WALD is an encounter with the fear of extreme weather becoming our new normal.  Will we leave our children with an environment less hospitable than we received?  The audience exists in the same space as the performers, assuming the role of children from a dreamlike town that has run out of water, following two siblings through a surprising, adventurous journey of survival from drought to flood.  Drawing from the third worst drought in US history and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, source material includes Hansel and Gretel, newspaper articles, American folk and rock songs, and text generated by John Michael Johnson.


WALD Ensemble
Sierra Campbell, Talia L. Cartell, Jazmen-Bleu Gutierrez, Miles Hartfelder, Aiddi Jahava, Nora King, Claire Larson, Ryan Masson, Olivia Stephanie North, Alexandra Schwartz, Sarah Shoemaker, Saskia Vinkhuyzen

WALD Production Team

Allison M Keating - Director
Brian Carbine - Choreographer                                    
Jonathan Becker - Composer & Sound Designer                                           
Amber Larosa - Scenic Designer                                  
Stephanie Petagno - Costume Designer                            
Nick Diaz - Lighting Designer                              
Hind Bin Demaithan - Video Designer                                  
Christian Cummings - Properties Design                             
April Story - Scenic Artist                                        
Marika Weigand - Stage Manager                                   
Ewa Czerniawska - Production Manager                          
Christopher Pheiffer - Technical Director                              

Ferdinand Botha - Producer                                              
Raymond Gutierrez - Producer                                              

Shannon Knox - Asst. Scenic Designer                       
Narae Kim - Asst. Scenic Designer                       
Tyler Hatch Waters - Asst. Scenic Designer                       
Stevie Nemazee - Asst. Costume Designer                   
Angelica Torres - Asst. Costume Designer                   
Jesse Garrison - Associate Video Designer                
Marika Weigand-Shahani - Asst. Props                                          
Dillon Evans - Asst. Stage Manager                         
Kimberly Haith - Assist. Stage Manager                      
Joshua “Fritz” Friedensohn - Asst. Technical Director