Rods and Cables

Living is so much fun.

A 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater Group Production
3LD Art & Technology Center
New York City, 2009

Rods and Cables is a fun original 3-Legged Dog multimedia production. It is a wild, vulgar, cartoonish approach to desire and despair, exploring our common fear of losing trust in the people we love the most. This ambitious first work creates wild chaos with elaborate bizarre designs and compelling characters all within an intimate cabaret environment. This play will show you the joy of experiencing new things, even if it hurts a little.

Written and Directed by Allison M Keating

Production Team

Kate Ashton, lighting designer
Marcelo Añez, sound designer
Gabe Barcia-Colombo, specialty props and effects designer
Kevin Cunningham, executive producer
Paul DiPietro, set designer
Nellie Fleischner, costume designer
Julia Funk, production stage manager
Piama Habibullah, assistant video designer and Oheka shoot set decorator
Aaron Harrow, animation designer and special video effects
Nathalie Joachim, sound operator
Jeff Morey, video designer
Jason Sebastian, composer
Stephanie Sleeper, wardrobe assistant
Diego Villada, fight director
Matt McUsic, Oheka shoot gaffer
David Tirosh, birth shoot lighting designer
Timothy Keating, assistant recording engineer


Lucille Duncan, That Woman
Joshua Koehn, The Sexy Clown
Jessie Paddock, Sultry Flight Attendant
Jason Lindner, The Little Man with a Big Costume

Livia De Paolis, Darling
Cooper Grodin, Nevins
Errickson Wilcox, Wilson

Julia Funk, Voice Over Stage Directions
Joshua Briggs, Voice Over Radio Announcers Voice
Jason Lindner, Voice Over Winston
Marcelo Añez, Voice Over Creepy Voice


There's a fine line between eroticism and vulgarity. There's also a fine line between illustrating the battle of the sexes artfully and making it distressingly clear which side is most heavily favored to win.  Rods and Cables, a whimsically sardonic multimedia deconstruction of sex and sensuality, balances itself on these fine lines like a gutsy high-wire act. Indeed, Keating, who also directs, now and then tosses in a gust of wind just to heighten the tension. - Leonard Jacobs

That Sounds Kul
As it turns out, there's something in this erratic spitfire of a play that, despite being obvious, is wholly watchable. The two-tiered circus-ring set provides the perfect venue, and costumes like a donut-carrying dress insist upon titillating even the most stubborn of audiences. Whatever it is, Rods and Cables succeeds at reimagining the loss of innocence (or perhaps you've seen a five-foot-tall shit-smeared cock before). - Aaron Riccio

Theater Online
It would be downright ungracious to give a bad review of a production that offers free alcohol and donuts. Fortunately, all bribery aside, I have no qualms about giving Allison M. Keating’s Rods and Cables my full recommendation. This energetic, precise, naughty roller coaster of a show could be just what your life has been missing all this time. - Mariah MacCarthy

Obscene Jester
There is a welcoming and giddy feeling engendered throughout Rods and Cables, a vaudevillian-Brechtian cabaret on the theme of sex and maturation. - Tweed