Hiking Podcast

Inspired by the National Parks Service's 100th Anniversary and a hike-preventing injury, Allison M Keating teamed up with experimental composer and podcast creator Justin Asher to bring you Wild Art Group’s first podcast.  Hiking Podcast are hikes best taken in the mind’s eye.

Close your eyes and listen. While you lose your body, your mind will traverse a desert dream hike led by Allison. Encounter trails and peaks, mine-shafts and birds, ALIENS. Consider your health, stillness vs. motion, the migration of artists to The West, human expansion, the dichotomy of the National Parks Service, nudity.

Hiking Podcast is appropriate for children 13+.

This project was supported in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, The National Parks Service, and Machine Project.  Special thanks goes to Joshua Tree National Park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, and Machine Project.