Woman from the Past

A Calarts School of Theater Production
California Institute of the Arts, November 2012

As Frank and Claudia prepare to move, Frank's teenage sweetheart returns to redeem his promise of lasting love.  Playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig's WOMAN FROM THE PAST is a cinematic narrative flashing through time as seemingly simple lives are irrevocably altered.

Written by Roland Schimmelpfennig
American English Translation by Melanie Dreyer
Directed by Allison M Keating


Christine Harms - Claudia
Hayden Ezzy - Andi
Katie Rediger - Romy Vogtländer
Michael Bates - Frank
Precious Ra' Akbar - Tina

Production Team

John Henningson - Producer
Masha Tatarintseva - Video Designer
Angelica Torres - Scenic Designer
Desiree Masucci  - Costume Designer
Lauren Tietz - Lighting Designer
Erik Lehman - Sound Designer
Jessica Evans - Stage Manager
Jennifer Wilson - Production Manager
Nathan Lemoine - Technical Director
Christopher Moskwa - Asst. Production Manager
Kate Eipl - Asst. Stage Manager
April Story - Scenic Artist