A CalArts Festival Theater Production
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Venue 13
August, 2013

MASK is a tight, vicious, and violent piece of multimedia theater about the fragility of intimacy. Can you truly know someone without peering underneath their skin?  Fred uncovers his wife’s infidelity within a few hours of discovering he can remove his face. When he peels back the layers of his skin, Annie sees something surprisingly more beautiful than she could have imagined.  Through force and brutal language, the duo continue to rip away the protective barriers they have built between them, revealing a profound new level of intimacy.  But what else does Annie have to hide?

Written by John Michael Johnson
Directed by Allison M Keating
Music Composition by Andreas Levisianos
Choreography by Sandy Simona
Video Design by Masha Tatarinsteva
Set Design by Nina Caussa Rius
Assistant Director & Costume Design by Rachel Cox

Staring Sandy Simona and Ernest Long
MASK is a compact yet powerful play exemplifying the various forces at work within the heave & ho of a modern relationship. The two actors – Ernie Long & Sandy Simona – have an unbelievable chemistry.  This play is performed at a perfect pitch.  By Yodamo.

The Scotsman
An atmospheric piece of performance art, well-delivered by its male-female lead duo Ernie Long and Sandy Simona, director Allison M Keating’s piece sets a frightening picture of a relationship with only blackness at its core.  The drama is told largely in gesture and wields a mesmerising degree of power.  By David Pollock.
With its outstanding actors and strikingly well executed choreography, this creatively staged play dropped the audience into a gritty pit of blistering passion. Kidnapping the audience’s attention, the plot painted layer after layer of human interest. Its mutual cruelty and tangible dysfunction gripped audience-members by the throat, rendering them fully invested in the desire and disgust.  By Kate Pasola.
The dramatic interest of Mask lies in the visual power play between Annie and Fred, husband and wife. The beautiful choreography and inventive staging mean Mask is truly an aesthetic treat.  Both the designer Nina Caussa Rius and the choreographer Sandy Simona must be applauded for their creativity.  By Zoe Hunter Gordon.